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    Long One shot adventure suggestions?

    I am running a game for Extra Life on November 7th. I plan it to be about 14 hours.
    I have been going through so many adventures, Wizards to DMsGuild, and can't settle on any.

    I plan on letting the players choose from a list of 5.



    Did Curse of Strahd was thinking post-Ravenloft, maybe?
    Start at level 9 or LESS (1 is fine)
    Was thinking of one from Tales from the Yawning Portal
    Tomb of Annihilation sounds fun - too long?
    Adventure League?
    Tales of the Old Margreve: 5th Edition Forest Adventures (Kobold Press) was recommended - thoughts?

    Already have done:
    Curse of Strahd
    Hoard of the Dragon Queen
    Out of the Abyss
    Princes of the Apocalypse
    Rise of Tiamat
    Storm King's Thunder
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    If you have not run an Adventure League event this I would pass on a 14 hour one shot. If you are just asking for a recommendation that is an Adventures league module I do not think there would be a single one.

    A single day running a 14 hour event with the same players could be tough. You will need to figure out a schedule for breaks and food. I would think with a 14 hour day you could get maybe 12 hours of play in.

    If you want it to be something you can control the flow time wise I would go with something set in Barovia. This way when you hit the 12 hour mark you could move them towards the final encounter. Doing any dungeon crawls if the party is expecting to clear the dungeon then you would have some challenges trying to figure out the timing. The yawning Portal could be a good second choice so you could stop after you finished whatever section you were running.
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    Thank you! I was thinking along those lines, and yes we have breaks, and player changeovers no taskmaster here

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    Tales of Margreve is 10 adventures, you'd have to string them together yourself, but this might be a great idea because you can control how long the adventure goes and when/where the climax happens. The downside, is they don't naturally link to each other and they are not visually the same place. So it might feel forced or unnatural if you're not comfortable ad-libbing the joins.

    Ghosts of Saltmarsh works similarly, but it is intended to flow naturally from site to site. So it might be easier. You just start at any chapter and then play in order. You can summarize the earlier chapters as background, and end where ever you end. It is quite linear though. Margreve would have the advantage of being flexible.

    The Kobolds have put out for 5e another couple fey-theme'd products though. Take a look at the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium. It has two adventures, the "Horns of the Hunted" and "Cold Mountain". Cold Mountain in particular is a three-chapter adventure which gives you natural break points, and you can simplify or cut things if you need to speed up.

    If you're up for a little converting, something people might get a kick out of, given you mentioned already doing Curse of Strahd, is the old 1e follow up to it. Curse of Strahd is basically and updated version of the original I6 "Ravenloft" module. House on Gryphon Hill is a sequel to it, where the PCs learn that everything in Curse of Strahd might have been a dream, or maybe it was real, but either way the mists are creepy and weird and not always predictable. Not only is Strahd not dead, but now there are two Strahds, and one is a mortal human. It needs some work to fit against Curse of Strahd seemlessly, and yes it would fit better as a halloween adventure, but given how popular the OSR is these days, might be a great tie in.

    Tomb of Annihilation is probably too long, but you can skip all the wilderness bits, and simplify like the whole city of Omu into a skill challenge, and other tricks like that to speed it up and get them to the Tomb itself.

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    DoMM would easily be able to have you control the time to some extent. Because you can keep giving them objects at the different levels until you run out of time. But, the way it is written you would not really have a single driving story line / objective. You also might run into challenges with needing/wanting to level up the characters over the 14 hour span. But that might be an issue with any adventure of that length. If you are doing pregens then maybe have the leveled character pre-done too.

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    Wow!! that is just what I needed! TYVM

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