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    Is possible enter in FGU 2 players in same PC, 1 as Dm e another as player?

    I'm trying, but this message says "Authurization failed: License key conflict", but i have the ultimate licennse

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    If you try to join a game using the same license key as the GM then you will get this error. It prevents groups from buying one license and sharing it to everyone.

    If you want to see what it is to be a layer on your own (GM) computer, then connect using LAN with the address of "localhost", in that case the license conflict will be bypassed and you will be good to go.

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    There are DM's that use a computer and then use a TV or larger monitor to display the second screen as the PC's. Although you are using a single computer it could get challenging using a single keyboard and mouse.
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    Working with virtual machines is an option. I had the GM at the host system and and a player at a VMware virtual machine. Of course different accounts are required.

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