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    Spell Base Stat of "War" (Warlock) adds +1


    One of my players who is running a 5e Warlock was working on his character sheet and noted in the spell specifics for Eldritch Blast that setting the Stat to War yielded and additional +1 vs. the standard Cha.

    My question is (as is his) - what is the "War" stat for and/or from?



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    War is Warlock. If you cycle through the stat in the damage dialog you'll see all of the classes and abilities as well as level are in there. This represents the Warlock level - so I'm assuming your character is Level 1. The classes are there (as well as level) since some things may give a bonus based on the level of the class rather than the overall level of the character (a level 1 Warlock/1 Fighter is level 2 so lvl will give a bonus of 2 whereas the War or Ftr will give a +1).

    Note that you don't need anything in that box at all unless the damage gets a bonus based on a different stat than the base or on the character or class level.
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    Ah, I see, so "War" (Warlock) grants the current level of the Warlock class as the stat bonus. Got it.


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