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    Problem with Advanced Race Guide

    I have the Advanced Race Guide for Pathfinder. It is open and in the library. I can get to all the new pre-generated races. When I try to create a new race I cannot find the qualities, nor the racial traits such as ancient foe or breeze kissed, etc. They are written up in the reference manual, but cannot find them in feats or special abilities.

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    Have you take the DM103 class? It is more focused on D&D but it might help you in creating custom races in Pathfinder.

    You might want to start with DM10 then 102 then take 103. They do build on each other.

    I have not created any content in Pathfinder but my recommendation to you is to take a class that has already been made and copy it then start tweaking it to the new class you want to make. Do this in a test campaign and once you have it the way you want it export it and use it in your main campaign.

    Also this is more Pathfinder focused so you might want a Mod to move this there so you get help from people that are more proficient with the Pathfinder system.
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    MOD: moved to PF forums so you can get a better response.

    I don't have this one, but I do know a lot of products have two modules associated with them, a GM one and Player one. And you need to load the Player one to get all the player options etc. Check for that. Hopefully someone with this module can confirm soon.

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    I don’t believe the full drag/drop functionality of creating a new race from the ground up (i.e. drag drop of all the custom race data) is coded as part of this product.
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    Thank you Trenloe. That is some thing the store should have mentioned in the advertisement write up, since for many people that is just as important and for some more important as having the info on premade new races.

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