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    Fantasy Grounds Conversion Tool for D&D Beyond

    Hi Everyone,

    Long time lurker, first-time poster.

    It seems most people were as disappointed with the removal of the very useful conversion tool for D&D Beyond to Fantasy Grounds. I am not privy to the original author's reasoning, and that was his very own decision, but I am grateful that he left the source code up for use (Thanks so much David B.).

    I know some of us are not as technically savvy, so we have gone ahead and gotten it working again. Please note that my site is very much a side project born of this current pandemic, so please don't mind the dust.

    Please note that this is very much WYSIWYG, but I will try my best to fix up any issues that come up. Best of luck and happy adventuring.

    Meddie (otherwise known as David).

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    Thanks so much Meddle!
    For reference, I copied and locked a thread in the AL sub-forum so folks browsing there find this as well.

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    Yeah, no problem mate. I hope it continues to be useful for everyone.


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    Great stuff! Thank you!



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    Awesome! thanks for taking this on David.

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    Whew slightly panicked when I went to the normal site, thanks for doing this!

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    I've also got a mirror of the original site up, and am looking for developers who are willing to help keep it going. I do C++ but javascript is way out of my wheelhouse. I'm learning, but there is a lot to cover. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Right now there is discussion going on at the Fantasy Grounds Pick Up Games discord (thanks to them for letting us have a place to live).

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    Well I just went through the trouble of putting it up also. I should have looked at the forums first! Just going to toss if out there as I feel this is something that folks should have access to. Maybe between us all we can keep it going! If someone has a public fork of the code base they are keeping updated, I would be happy to keep the site updated as well.

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    Thank you !
    Guaranteed fresh, 100% Grade A Nerd

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    This looks great. Is there an opposite process available anywhere? i.e. FG XML file -> D&D Beyond PC?


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