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    LFG: 1 Player seeking Weeknight Game, (Mon/Thurs PST) WILL PAY REASONABLE FEE


    FG License: Standard
    Time Zone: US Pacific (PST)
    Day of week, frequency, and time: available Mondays and Thursdays. seeking long term, short term, or one off games

    Voice: i have discord for voice, decent mic, and a willingness to learn new programs if needed
    Game System Preferred: 5e preferred, but willing to learn PF/2 as needed (also, maybe Starfinder? Never played a space-rpg but it seems fun, so why not?
    Game System Experience: i have a decent knowledge of 5e but have minimal experience with PF/2
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: i dont have much experience in playing games through Fantasygrounds, but i have been using it to run a in-house session with friends, and as such have become fairly well acquainted with the interface. still a noob tho; I can always earn more.
    Character Type Preferred: i will play whatever is needed. never been a caster other than healer so, i kinda think that could be fun.
    Game Style Preferred: i like to pretend i can rolepla but im not great at it. still, i definitely appreciate it. hack n slash has its uses, but i love good story development
    About me: 34m, ive been casually playing DND since 3rd edition, and just finally got to a point where i could really sit down to learn 5e, and these newfangled VTT's.
    Im a little coarse but i know how to behave, im punctual, and im eager to learn. Please feel free to message me iffin you have any questions.

    feel free to message me here, or on Discord (TheMooseDante#9519) have a great day!

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    We have a tuesday afternoon game from 1-4 CST we have just 2 tanks at the moment and have been doing mercenary type work. If we get some more folks we could take up waterdeep again. Our DM is very good he does charge 20 per sessionhowever.


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