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    Refreshing HD without long rest - how?

    Hi all,
    I'm using a variant healing system where characters gain half their HD back on a long rest, but don't automatically regain all of their hit points as well. Basically, they need to spend HD to heal unless they take a new type of rest, a 'full rest'. This means that I can't use the long rest button in FG because it will both give back half of the character's HD (desired) and also fully heal them (not desired). I can't figure out how to manually add back HD for my modified long rests.

    I've looked at the magnifying glass and also tried dragging dice into the HD field, neither of which worked. Is there a way to manually adjust # of HD? Thanks!

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    Click the magnifying glass next to Class and Level. Click on the 'Used' box and type in the value you want.
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