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    Having trouble modifying damage type with an effect.

    I'm having some trouble with an effect. I apply an effect named "Smited" to an NPC and one called "Smite Evil" to my character. Everything seems to work correctly, the ATK, AC, etc. but the damage type doesn't change.

    On the target creature

    On my character
    Smite Evil;IFT: CUSTOM(smited);IFT:ALIGN(evil);ATK: 5; DMG: 2; AC: 5 deflection; DMGTYPE: spell

    I've tried different damage types but none work. If I just add the following effect to my character it works.
    Spell Damage; DMGTYPE: spell

    Any suggestions?

    I'm using FGU and the PF1 ruleset.


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    @Kelrugem answered this on Discord.
    The DMGTYPE is not a targetable effect
    Hence, it cannot be combined with IFT
    If you want, there is an extension allowing that

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