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    FGU levelling PCs. Does the wizard pop up ?

    Hi. Last night while running my DOTMM campaign. My crew lvl’d up. It’s been a surprising while.

    Some PC’s had a major lvl which new abilities etc and feats etc.

    I saw one of the players gad a ‘New Char’ like wizard format pop up window. Is this normal.

    I’m using MadNoMad’s char sheet tweaks and others just got the [+] button.

    I’m just tying to figure what vanilla lvl’ing should be like now in UNITY.
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    If you go into the level / class screen from the character sheet, there is a small button there that will launch the character wizard to allow you to level up the character.

    You can still level up by manually dragging the class for the new level from the class list to the character sheet, or do the whole thing manually by typing the updated values into the relevant fields.

    Edit: Should have mentioned - have assumed that this is a D&D 5E game - not sure how relevant this is for other rulesets.
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    Fantasy Grounds doesn't give you any kind of indication that you have levelled up. There's no pop ups or anything else.

    This is so that DMs who use other methods of levelling up other than XP aren't bound into any one system
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    MadNoMad’s char sheet tweaks is ran on the DM's side so everyone would be using it or no one. Now if the "wizard" character was running a home brew character and it did not have a class built out in Fantasy Grounds there would be nothing for Fantasy Grounds to know how to level up. If the class has been custom coded then I would look at how the custom class was made. I think something might be off.
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    Think I see what my PC guy was doing.. rather than pressing 'Character Tweaks [+] button he used 'magnifying glass' to open "Class & Level" window and there you access in FGU 'Character Wizard' via little tick icon - Now is it me or is the WIZARD when lvl'ing a character from say 5 to 6 unfathomable. It doesn’t seem to work like it does for a new Character. How do you choose ‘Ability score improvement’

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    So if you grab the shield on the level screen of the character and drag it to the left and drop it on the level it should walk them through the level up process.

    If you have not taken the character creation class at FGC you should think about it. It is a free class.
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