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    New player looking for game

    I'm very new to Fantasy Grounds (I've played a session or two), but I have a lot of experience in tabletop D&D (but only with family) and text-only various in forums. So I'm looking for a D&D 3.5 game/group that's not too strenuous.

    I'm free to play just about anytime, (I'm GMT -6, or CST) as long as I have enough forewarning, though I would prefer to play at a decent hour.

    If you want to contact me, I suggest e-mail, ( [email protected] ) 'cause I might not check this as often as I'd like. Thanks, and I look forward to playing

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    Re: New player looking for game

    Hi Akivara,

    I'm also new to FG and got a trial version of FG. I'm interested to start a new short adventure game for D&D v3.5 d20 system. I will be GM and
    you will be a player of level 1. I'm available for 1300 to 2400 (GMT+8) every
    day. If you have interested, please reply email to me [email protected] and
    add me in MSN messager: [email protected]
    or yahoo messager: [email protected]

    Hope to see you soon,

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