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    Automatic Record Links

    Automatic Record Links is an extension that provides automated linking of information. This extension will work with ANY FG CoreRPG ruleset. The text or description fields of "Story" records, "NPC" records, and "Quest" records will automatically be compared to your "Story", "Image", "Table", "NPC", "Battle", "Item", "Vehicles", "PC", and "Quest" records.

    The name of the record being matched will ignore a numbered index prefix.
    So records like "00.00.00 Index" will be matched to the word "index".

    The name of the record and the text being compared is not case sensitive.
    Symbols like - and ' will cause the adjacent characters to be merged together.
    So "Kuo-toa" will match with "kuotoa".

    Other symbols become an empty space.
    So "Drow (variant)" will match to "Drow variant" as well as "Drow" and or "Variant".
    If a record is found, filters will be displayed above the link window associated with what type of links are available to filter.

    ***PLEASE NOTE: Records that cannot be modified may not be filtered. Copy the record by dragging the shortcut to the matching data library, or if it's an NPC, you can put it in the combat tracker.

    Get it Here!

    Now on the Forge!!


    Short video demonstration
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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    That looks very interesting.
    You missed a : from your link.
    Damnit! Thank you! Fixed it! And yeah I thought something like this would go fantastic with your player agency extension but I couldn’t find where/if you added the records to the data library. Personally, I’d love to have it compatible with the player agency extension. It’s great for worldbuilding and what not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    Yes all Player Agency data is stored in the DB.
    Not in front of a FG PC just now but will post some samples.

    No rush!

    Also I’ve updated, as there was an error when clicking link filters for quest records.

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    Updated. Improves performance when opening story, quest or npc records, as previously it would load links at that time. That process now occurs when clicking the ”show links” button or the ”links” tab on npcs.

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    Updated! Adds a new button for quest, story and npc records so that you can find links to records that mention the record you are looking from. This process can take a bit longer so be patient when using it.

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    Is there any way to put 'Notes' in there? Maybe replace vehicles with it?

    Disregard that, found discord
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boskipiard View Post
    Is there any way to put 'Notes' in there? Maybe replace vehicles with it?

    Disregard that, found discord
    Notes are not meant as a GM tool. They are not intended to form part of the GMs campaign data. They are intended to be used by players.

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    This one is very handy and as far as I can tell it works like a charm! It also has a very nice price for what it does.

    Did this ever get updated to work with the MoreCore WorldBuilder? That would be the icing on the cake.

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