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    Most used/needed extensions?

    Hello hive-mind!

    I'm fairly new to FGU, but not as a computer user or GM. My first on-line DnD 5E session is coming up, and I need to get things running smoothly to pick up where I left my players in Lost mines of Phandelver when we played IRL.

    I'd like to know your best advice for running FGU. I know the basics but what if I missed the most useful extension out there? Did you completely miss an important or extremely useful built-in feature of FGU when you began? What did I miss?

    Please let me know what I can do to ease my experience!

    Best regards

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    Welcome to the FG forums.

    As you're beginning to use FGU for the first time I'd recommend *not* using any extensions. Get to know the standard functionality - and ask questions in the forums, as the FGU functionality is regularly getting updated.

    Extensions override the base FG code and so can cause issues if they're not kept up-to-date or can clash with other extensions. If you're not familiar with what base FG can do then you could be using extensions with problems that you're not aware of.

    And then, once you're more familiar with FG's functionality, my recommendation is to only use the extensions you actually *need* - again, to minimise the chances of any issues/clashes.
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    The most useful extension is the Message of the Day extension; and it's the only one you will ever need.
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    I agree with learn the base before you start adding ext and mods.

    Since you are just starting out I would take either the intro to FG or Character creation at All classes there are free!

    Zacchaeus has an awesome thread of info I would go through. I would defiantly grab all of his Complete Package series at the bottom. None of which are ext or mods. They are just characters imports that you can copy from.
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    this is mostly from a FGC perspective, though I have run a couple FGU sessions (note: but not all the ext are applicable to FGU)

    Request to Roll is pretty useful... it's a little tedious to use at times, but overall very useful (but generally the downside is requesting the roll with voice is generally faster unless you can request the roll and continue describing the what is going on...)

    Druid Wild Shape (note: had some issues with this one)

    Fav among the players for FGC... adds stats and stat rolls to the actions tab... don't think it worked for FGU:

    third post links the class effects: (listed above)
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    You should also know there are free extensions and paid for extensions. DMSGUILD.COM has a ton that are paid for.

    Some free ones that might be good to have I will list here.

    Lots of good stuff

    If you want to add in a module from a different game or D&D version

    I still stand by I would start with the basic game until you learn it but you did ask so I hate to not provide some insight.

    If you are ok with paying for addons I would say look at

    Rob Twohy has a bunch of stuff that can add to the base game.
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    Extensions add extra work for you. You have to worry about compatibility and updating them. So, my advice is before you start worrying about adding extensions, you make sure you know base FG well enough to take on the extra work. Then, imo, look for extensions that will help you solve issues or weaknesses in FG (for you).

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    Like others said, keep it small at first. The only ones I'd consider simple and absolutely essential are Current HP and Use up Powers

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