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View Poll Results: Which additional product lines would you support with purchases?

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  • D&D 3.5E

    88 38.10%
  • D&D 4E

    86 37.23%
  • Additional Settings for AD&D (Dark Sun, Spelljammer, Greyhawk, Dragonlance, etc.)

    117 50.65%
  • None of the above

    21 9.09%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison View Post
    Does it let you re-vote?

    It is multiple choice, so let us know all the rulesets that you would be interested in.
    No, sadly no re-vote possible I was smashing my buttons too quickly when I have seen 3.5e

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    As 4e was my first ruleset I learned, and as I am the resident self-proclaimed "heretic" in a few discord servers (Hi! FG College!):


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    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison View Post
    On a related note, if you would be interested in working with us a a community developer for any specific product lines, please let us know below as well.
    I would be interested in helping on 4e development.

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    I'm very interested in bringing back 4e and running it. Would love to do it myself but I'm just learning the VTT (so 5e it is, for now). My ideal rule set would be the crunchiness and tactical brilliance of 4e with the elegance and simplicity (but a bit too much) of 5e.

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    Forgotten Realm, I know you have some but.... Dragonlance, Ravenloft......

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    Yes please more 2nd Ed Adventures - The dungeon magazine adventures in particular would be most welcome.

    Yes, I would help out with conversion work to FGU for small scenarios.

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    I know 4e wasn't the most popular edition, but it still has a pretty devoted following online and having some official 4e content would probably bring some players over from other VTTs. I've put a few 4e modules in by hand myself.

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    Additional settings - Mystara!

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    Additional settings:

    Dark Sun

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    I would like some 4e content added to the store. I always like 4e and was a bit miffed when the new 5e just took over. Bought 5e material but much preferred the layout/presentation of the 4e books. Also I am sure a closet 4e crowd is just waiting to re emerge from the shadows.

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