Hello all,

LFG 1 Player flexible play time in Starfinder campaign paying a reasonable fee
Term: looking to join a Starfinder campaign as a paid player member
Voice: willing to download whichever software the group is using to voice chat during games
Game System Experience: I have acces to most Starfinder material. Knowledgeable of D&D 5E, D&D 3.5, AD&D, Alternity, Role Master game system(s)./ Open to learning new group game systems. I’ve played many game systems that I’m sure I forgot…I was a Soldier…I’ve played games all over the world…Played as Player and DM…. both high- and low-level characters.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: I have effectively ZERO experience with Fantasy Grounds but I have the Ultimate License…looking for ppl willing to help you build experience using the software.
Character Type Preferred: Human magic user is my go-to but I’m open to any character race/class. I like to pick and roll my character but willing to let DM offer available classes or characters needed and run with that.
About me: Experienced player of a variety of role-playing games. I enjoy a balance of Combat/Problem Solving/Role-Playing. Military veteran.
Licenses: FGU Ultimate, FGC Demo