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When I drop races onto a character sheet, some of them don't adjust the ability scores automatically.

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I went to discuss this on FG Discord to see if I was doing something wrong, or if anyone else was having similar issues. After tinkering and comparing notes, I discovered that it happens only if I use the Core Rulebook. But when I include the Char Ops Manual, everything seems to work fine.

Now, I realize most veteran groups will likely use COM in their games. But for those of us just starting out with new groups and trying to keep things simple, it would be nice to have that same functionality with just the CRB (assuming that is where the problem lies).

EDIT: Just tested several more races from CRB do not adjust ability scores when dropped, which leads me to believe that none of them will.
I have the same problem, both with the CRB and the Alien Archives 1.

Are you saying that adding the Char Ops Manuel resolves the problem for the races in CRB, or just the ones in Char Ops Manual?