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    System: FGU v4.1.4

    When dragging/dropping Effects from Conditions to Custom, it no longer copies the condition over to custom.

    Effects Bug.PNG

    Note that I have not tested if there's any new issues with dragging Effects directly to characters in the Combat Tracker.
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    System: FGU v4.1.4

    Bug: when adding a new Currencies in Options (e.g. "BP" from Fly Free or Die AP, or "UR" from Horizons AP), it is not added to Character Sheets nor the Party Sheet.

    Currencies Bug 01.jpg
    Currencies Bug 02.jpg
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    System: FGU v4.1.4
    Bug: Some ranks from the Character Sheet are not reflected on the Party Sheet correctly (e.g. Medicine); please see the screenshot. Due to this issue, rolling from the Party Sheet causes the character to lose their bonus.

    Party Sheet Ranks Error.jpg

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