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    [Paid] LFP 3 Players needed for advanced start Rime of the Frostmaiden

    Module Overview according to Wizards of the Coast:
    Beneath the unyielding night sky, you stand before a towering glacier and recite an ancient rhyme, causing a crack to form in the great wall of ice. Beyond this yawning fissure, the Caves of Hunger await. And past this icy dungeon is a secret so old and terrifying that few dare speak of it. The mad wizards of the Arcane Brotherhood long to possess that which the god of winter’s wrath has so coldly preserved—as do you! What fantastic secrets and treasures are entombed in the sunless heart of the glacier, and what will their discovery mean for the denizens of Icewind Dale? Can you save Ten-Towns from the Frostmaiden’s everlasting night?

    Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is a tale of dark terror that revisits the forlorn, flickering candlelights of civilization known as Ten-Towns and sheds light on the many bone-chilling locations that surround these frontier settlements.
    Good Day reader, I'm looking for three players to join our group as we start our journey into the cold north of Icewind Dale. Players will join at the party's level, and I'll be available to help with character creation leading up to the start of the module.

    Session Details:

    DM has ultimate license so players only need demo account
    Game system: FantasyGrounds Unity
    Module Start Date: 25 October 2020
    Time and Day: Sunday at 13:00 UTC-4 (19:00 UTC+2)
    Planned Session Length: 3-4 hours (with 4 hours being the norm)
    Planned Frequency: Sessions will be held weekly
    Term: Module based
    Text or voice: Voice through Discord with occasional text through Fantasy Grounds
    The session will not be streamed or recorded
    Price per session: $13 per person
    Roleplay & Combat Mix: Split according to module

    Player Character Details

    Players in game: 3
    Players needed 1-3
    Character Starting Level: 4
    Stat selection method: 4d6 drop the lowest
    Character Starting Wealth: 700 GP plus 1 uncommon magic item
    Character Restrictions: Official DND 5e books and unearthed arcana allowed. No murderhobos allowed.

    How to join:
    Reply on this post, DM me or message me on Discord at IrkunJay#2250
    If you have any questions at all please feel free to message me
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