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    It's like WoW, but instead of fighting countless of AI mobs, players fight other players in epic battles over the control of castles and forts. "Allies. Enemies. Empires. Betrayal. Risk. Conquest." Crowfall is a medieval fantasy PvP-focused MMO. But there are many other things to do than PvP: complex crafting, exploration, hunting and gathering, hauling (caravans), city building, politics, quests from the gods... Beta has just begun and it's free to anyone who wants to give it a try.

    Here's a video showing the game (in-engine) :
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    Still in Closed Beta! (but open to everyone for free)

    As "Shadowbane 2.0", the game lacks some of the cool features of its predecessor (real territory control and open world city building) but it's still resembling a lot (character advancement, GvG, sieges, focus on Guilds and Alliances, etc.).

    Gruesome mechanics are featured in CF : grave digging, decapathons, sacrifices to the gods, etc.

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    So its a Fantasy PVP game - like Call of Duty but with wizards and warriors?

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    Kind of, but with a lot more players per map, RPG progression systems, territory conquest, large-scale battles, etc...

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    So its finally in beta. I was a very early supporter and i guess you could say fan of crowfall. Dont sue me if my timeframe is off but i think 2016 or 2017 i first learned of the game . Spent about 60 bucks supporting it. Followed it closely for a couple years yadda yadda...
    Somewhere in 2019 i just forgot about it.

    But anyway ill look into it again. Thanks for the reminder.

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