Fantasy Grounds ProStream 5E

Price: $15 USD


ProStream is a Fantasy Grounds extension and windows application that lets you bring live data from Fantasy Grounds directly to your stream autonomously. It's a nice hands-off approach that gives viewers a more game-like feel and makes watching lengthy combat much more interesting for them. With all the different stats I give you access to, it's easy to set up a more professional looking stream, which leads to more followers and more people that may be interested in subscribing to you.

I've also included 6 custom built overlays for 2 to 7 players and all the individual elements I used to create them if you want to make something customized for yourself. I give you access to way more than just combat stats so the possibilities are endless in what you do with them. If your characters are going shopping, you could have a scene that shows how much money they have and their skills at bartering, intimidation and pickpocketing. During a break, you could show condensed character sheets for the players.

You can see everything in action on my DMs Guild product video.