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    Barrowmaze Enhanced

    Due to the blooming pandemic, my face to face group has been moved online and as the only VTT savvy GM it has fallen to me to keep the home fires burning. As we were all about ready to head into the barrowmaze, i thought i would "quickly!" knock up some pretty maps based (directly traced from) on the ones in Celestian's sig.

    3 months later and here they are. They are too large to post directly so have shared via Google drive, the first maps are .jpg files and the players map is scaled to 70px /5' (and 36mb) . The files in the second folder are the high res .png exports directly from CC3+ and are HUGE (player map is 1.6GB!) so i do not recommend you download them unless you have a need or wish to edit the original files.

    As they are made in CC3+, with the only additional assets being the public domain Vintyri symbols https://www.vintyri.org/vintyri/index.htm they are perfectly fine for me to distribute. Feel free to do with them what you will.

    Time to get some sleep before i tackle LoS

    Download Link
    Last edited by monkeyboy_9000; October 6th, 2020 at 20:50. Reason: Added a small (ahem) file for use with FGC. Its probably still too big but might be easier for folks to chop up and use

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    Cool, thanks for the map

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    Amazing work, @monkeyboy_9000! Thank you!

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    Glad it was of use

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    Added to folder Chris

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    Just wanted to say thanks! Great work!

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    Hi, Great map, looks amazing, just a question... What sized grid do you use to make it fit? so I can add the grid and then LoS

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    If i recall, i exported the "crops" at 70px. The whole map would be insane to LOS i think, though i havent tried.

    You are free to do with it what you will, including improving. I did the same with the original so was standing on the shoulders of Celestian in any case

    Hope it gives you some fun, adventure and many TPK's

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