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    Trace in scripting

    Is there a way when we write script to output to the console some trace that could indicate to us if the script was run or where it failed.

    If we could have something like a print command we could print values or string to follow the code.

    Is that available to the developers right now?


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    Yup. It's "print()". Suprise :-) You can activate the console by using the /console command in the chat.

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    Thanks for your help, the simplest solution are often the best

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    Apologies for the thread necromancy - it's sort of related...

    Just to check - the console just displays print commands, right ? E.g. it's not interactive in anyway. I lose the ability to type once it's up on my windows 7 laptop, and sometimes even after it's gone away...

    Can see how it might be handy though, even on the little changes I've done. Almost essential for a ruleset I'd say! Or have we come further than /console for debugging now ?

    Best get properly tooled up before embarking on a big project...

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    I typically just output to the chat window when I'm debugging code most of the time. I switch to print function when the problem is on startup/shutdown, or something that causes a FG crash.

    You can find some useful debug functions in the chatmanager.lua script file in the 4E ruleset that outputs a list of variables to the either that chat window or the console log.


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