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    Module files WAY TOO BIG!

    When I exported a module recently, I notice it took 43 megabytes of space.
    Strange I tought, there where some images, maybe the images are packed with the rest I tought.
    But even then it wouldn't add up, I didn't have that many images.
    Upon extracting the module, it took only 5 megs!?!
    So I peeked in the compressed module and I found that each image was there about 5 to 10 times each.
    The Database was also filled with redundent stuff.
    Image definitions that came up 5 to 10 times.
    (It's actually the categories that come up a couple times and in them, there are always the same images)
    I think it might be related with the problem that was corrected with version 9 concerning the category tabs because I used them in the modules (there was no more images, personalities or encounters in the main tab also by the way if it changes anything). But I recompiled the modules after the patch and it's still the same.
    Always keep it in perspective!

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    Wow, can you imagine pushing that to all the players.

    Nice catch.


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