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Thread: NPC Maker 5E

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    Does this work with Fantasy Grounds Unity or only with Classic?

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    Birthday Sale!

    Hey guys! June 19th is my birthday and I wanted to do something nice. NPC Maker 5E is 50% off for the day. Take this link and pass it on to a friend.
    (Only valid June 19th 2021, 12am central through 11:59am)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pr6i6e6st View Post
    fixes a few errors and mistakes, fixed up templates and added options to templates for type, size and alignment. If you have the Random Encounter Generator extension, the Random Encounter Generator will have a new option to use NPC Templates to create random NPCs using two random templates.
    I am using your NPC maker, and i would like to know how to clear the Powers Tab.
    I hit reset at the top of the Main tab, and it still has the last thing i used.

    How do i remove the last entries?

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    The powers tab is just a search function. Clear the text field used to type in what you were searching for.

    Edit: you use the powers tab to search powers, and you can either double click to add to the main tab, or open a copy of the details and drag that into the allocated spots on the main tab.

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