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    Weirdest Edges and Hindrances?

    So reading through wider Savage Worlds books, third parties etc., such as Savage Rifts and the Suzerain Legends core book. Mainly research but also to try and get the creative juices flowing!

    I noticed a lot of the Edges and Hindrances like Living Banner (Suzerain), Stutter (Suzerain), and World Scry (Rifts) though very cool and useful for gameplay they’re all very serious.

    Question - What’s the weirdest/funniest Edge and/or Hindrance you’ve come across in ANY TTRPG? Or what the weirdest/funniest one you can make-up whilst keeping it playable?

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    I don't know the game system you speak of personally, so the short hand terminology is a bit fuzzy for me without a generalized definition relative to game play meaning. But i'd imagine that generically speaking of RPGs you are asking:

    What's the most extreme personality traits of strength and weakness you've had for a toon, that remained mechanically reasonable to play?

    Just say'n i notice you do ask about any TTRPG, but only spoke in one game's proprietary terms about it, so some of us kinda need to clarify we know what you mean before assuming how to answer.

    If i'm right on this:
    currently playing a wild mage in 5e, that is too afraid of their own uncontrollable power, to cast spells unless immediate danger is too pressing.

    I more or less treat the party as a character, and i am the ability: when your health drops below Y%, you can use these damage powers, that might be dangerous to use.

    And so for this, our GM is hopefully going to play along and ask for surge rolls more than the 5% chance for a surge roll. Making it make better story sense as to why i am so scared to cast real spells unless seriously in need.
    Problems outside of combat that do not represent immediate risk of life and limb, will have to be solved without me casting spells, even if it would be real convenient and useful to get to use spells.

    The strength side of this is a combo of: not being overly reliant on magic is it's own strength in my book. Plus once i do pass the threshold of getting to use magic, now i can do so fearlessly and savagely, treating it a little like berserker rage for a wild mage overcome by the fight or flight response to such immediate danger. Going from a more timid and coward like character to somoen that presumes problems are solved by turning them into piles of ash.
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