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    Any Savage Worlds books with settlement/town creation rules?

    I'm aware that World of the Dead has such rules. I'm just wondering if any of you fine people know of any other settings with rules for PCs creating their own settlement.
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    Broken Earth, a post apocalypse setting has a neat Community Building system. The PPC assumes the PCs will form their own community. They have 3 stats, Economy, Force, and Morale. They can earn 3 types of Edges (Citizen, Resource, and Building) based on things the PCs do and for every 50 people in their community a group can work on various projects to further enhance the community like building projects, territory expansion, etc. On top of this, every month you check to see if additional people join the community and if there is a random event that impacts it. The Edges have a community benefit and one that the PCs specifically can take advantage of. For example, Farmers let the community produce extra food three times a year and allow PCs to requisition two weeks worth of provisions before heading out on a trip. Mechanics will improve the community's Economy by a die type and repair PC vehicles for free. A stadium will improve the community's Morale by two die types and grant PCs a +2 to Persuasion rolls made as part of a speech to the community. It is pre-SWADE, so some of these would need adjustment. For example, the School's PC benefit is to allow them to take two new skills at a d4 rather than the normal of just one as was the case in prior editions, but that's the default as of SWADE, so you'd have to figure out some other benefit for it.

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    Not Savage Worlds, but the long-out-of-service True20 Experts Handbooks featured Organization rules that can be easily adapted to Savage Worlds as settlements. There was a clearly defined Size stat and scale, so it was easy to see where an organization stood population wise. Each organization had a Combat, Financial and Social stat and could actually get into conflict/encounters with other organizations based upon any 1 of those 3. So you could have things like hostile corporate takeovers (based on Financial), political coups/annexing (based on Social) and Mass Combat based on the Combat stat. Each Organization also highlighted the types of Roles (no equivalent in SW, but Background & Social edges could work), Feats (SW Edges) and Skills that members were likely to favor and possess. They were simple but effective rules.

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