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    Quick Way to Add effects

    Hi all,

    Pretty new to fantasy grounds - using unity 5e. Was wondering if there are any tools or mods that people have made to quickly add effects such as cover, advantage, conditions, etc. quickly to PCs in the combat tracker? Not sure if I am missing anything obvious, but i am quite bad at correctly typing the right format for things in the heat of combat xD!

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    As DM you can create them all in your Effects list/library (icon top right) or you can buy them all pre-made from Rob Twohy on the DMsGuild. He has effects for damn near everything.
    Here's just a few;

    Look for his bundles if you want more than one or two.

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    You might also want to look at taking some of the free classes. They can help you learn all about how to do these type of things.

    One of the coding classes might be right up your alley. This class has already past but look for more to come.
    If you want a Wishlist in the Fantasy grounds store klick the link and upvote it.

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    There are +2, +5 and -2, -5 buttons right there beside the dice which you can use for cover and superior cover. The ADV and DIS buttons in the location are for advantage and disadvantage. Opening the effects dialog (little running man icon at the top of the button bar) has all of the conditions listed and can simply be clicked to apply then to the currently selected actor on the CT or dragged onto another target. Opening the modifiers toolbox (little button with +/- on it) gives you more buttons for max and half damage as well as cover buttons.
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    Thanks for all of these resources, i clearly need to spend much more time with the Wiki - but also great to know that all of these are available/possible to code!

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