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    Effects question for DB

    Hey everyone! So, for OB effects such as herb bonus and Commanding Demeanor, Battle Cry etc. an effect can be added to the combat tracker "Penalty: +10" and the positive penalty (i.e. bonus) is added. Is there a way to do the same for DB for certain herbs, Aura, Blur etc? If so, what must be typed in the effects?

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    Not at this time. I do plan on adding more effects so things like that are possible. Right now, I would add it as a new defense with the appropriate bonus in melee and missile and just select the All checkbox.

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    Awesome thanks! I added them to the DB section and skills sections of the character sheets. Initially, I had it as a negative bonus, but realized it would not translate to the OB for full parry etc. No biggee!

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