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    I think whit FG, VoIP is the way to go not video so much.

    FG is a major visual aid tool, so i find the focus on the visual aids is likely best.
    But for a different kind of RP, one more theater of the mind than heavy emulation mechanics I prefer a video app like meet or zoom as the tool, when it is the other players far more than book rules that make up the game play.

    Blades in the Dark.

    DnD works way great to have a lot of tracking and automation tools for the GM to deal in the heavy mechanics overhead they have to provide, and having a nice picture of the character while the player is speaking works better for me.
    While Blades is way more about the player actors interacting through story more than mechanics, and is mechanically less overhead, so i find i prefer the video feed of the other player actors better than battle maps and character portraits with VoIP.

    So more theater of the mind, then let's see the other players speaking their minds more.
    But the more it is shown to you in the visual aids than imagined, then the less i want to see the other players that distract from the visual aids.
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    We don't use video, it has been discussed but most of it is focused on FG n stuff. We use Skype for the voice stuff.


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    Teamspeak 3, when I GM at least. Other games I'm in use Discord primarily. I use Teamspeak for one reason only, so I can stream sounds reliably over it using virtual line cables. Rhythm bot on Discord doesn't allow the flexibility of having my own streaming software on hand for all kinds of sounds and ambience.

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    We use Discord for voice only. Prior to COVID, I used Syrinscape at the table and have not bothered to set things up to stream it through Discord.
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    I use normally use TeamSpeak for audio and sometimes Discord. TeamSpeak is much less a bandwidth pig if you have people traveling and on crappy wifi.

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