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    Quote Originally Posted by kevininrussia View Post

    Moving item from Charsheet to Parcel is indeed sending one at a time. I notice when sending from Parcel to Charsheet the initial number of items is shown then switches to an amount of 1.
    The way FGU works (and I did not change that) is it move one at time from charsheet to parcel or party sheet unless you hold the SHIFT key down. That is how that works in that direction. I see no issues with that - its as they designed it. The issue I'm having is if I copy from parcel to charsheet it has different odd behavior. From players side it shows the 2 items have been moved - and it deletes them. As it should. But from host side I see a count of 1 in the sheet. And if I change that number on player or host side - both are put in synch. Something weird is going on. That IS the problem your talking about right?k

    Also sometimes it moves one from player side then deletes it. Which may be what your seeing. But I don't always see that. Like I said something weird going on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevininrussia View Post

    Moving item from Charsheet to Parcel is indeed sending one at a time. I notice when sending from Parcel to Charsheet the initial number of items is shown then switches to an amount of 1.
    That switching may be a good clue - going to look closer at that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevininrussia View Post
    I’m using latest version and it happens all the times I have tried so far...
    After working on this all day - backing to much earlier versions of Map Parcel - and FINALLY backing out all the way into RAW FGU no extensions - I can duplicate this problem. Not ME or this extension causing this. Will have to get with SW devs to figure out what to do. For now realize if you move parcel data with more than a count of 1 with a player attached to the host - it will immediately set it back to 1 while leaving the players view showing the no longer correct number that no longer matches the DB count entry. I searched high and low for something setting this even to the point of overriding DB.setValue and doing a printstack() on anything that had "count" being set. This is an SW bug that I'll have to log.

    For now - realize that moving parcel data into a charsheet that has more than one count is bugged in FGU - not something I can fix. But I can log it.
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    V1.15 - Fixed FGU bug in my copy of their code so that parcels now do single count transfers like charsheets and partysheets. Not dependent on RAW FGU fixing this one. Fixed.

    Not going to wait for FGU fix as I have my own copy of this part of the code so just fixing it myself. Fixed keveninrussia's found issue.

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    Now that the FGU single item stuff is fixed (hold SHIFT to transfer multiples) - still has the same issue on the full link transfer side of things - only when player attached so will have to come up with a work around for that also.
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    V1.16 - Based on V1.15 fix of FGU bug it still had some issues. Basically if the item (from partysheet, parcel sheet, or another charsheet) being transferred into the charsheet does not exist and it has a count > 1 then it ignores any request to do a transfer all (sheet link or item SHIFT drag drop to charsheet). Only when the item already exist will it allow it to transfer all. This has the effect that you will probably have to transfer things twice to get them all. Best I can do. Upside no data will accidentally be putting out bogus data on client sides or have data lost from the FGU bug. If they fix the bug I will revisit this.

    Pretty much what it says. Fixed FGU bug in my stuff so that parcel will have same behavior as partysheet and charsheet transfers for items (respect SHIFT for transfer all) and also for partysheet, parcel sheet, and PC/NPC sheets the inventory item transfers to charsheet will not let the count stomping bug when the item never existed in the target to effect the results. You'll just have to do the transfer again if there are any of those in there (as next time there will be and it will all work).
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    Updated a fix to do things more efficiently - not worth a version update change but DMsG is updated again.

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    TIP: you move individual items into a charsheet with SHIFT or drag the sheet link into charsheet to get all the count transferred, it will transfer anything that is not unique with a count > 1 (these it will just move in 1 count of item). The second time you do it - there is no way it will fail because you just put in the first count 1 of anything that was unique. This is required to overcome the bug that happens when I player is attached to the host. This way the client and host all have consistent behavior no matter what.

    HENCE - Just repeat the drag if anything left over unshifted.
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    TIP: If you are rolling from the tables for coin or treasure - create a parcel - click the delete on empty - drop in NPC inventory in CT it will automatically be cleaned up. Makes life simpler.

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    TIP: Only dragging the link into something to dump all contents (or hitting partysheet button) - even if there are none left will delete the parcel if delete on empty is selected. Single dropping things in will not delete. Keeps party from emptying it by taking stuff and then think oops was not the thing I wanted to take. Typically I plan on just dumping my loot bag into party sheet with whatever is left so whom ever runs the NPC beast of burden can put the rest in their inventory. As I don't believe in a magic weightless bag that can't be lost or attacked - ie. the party sheet when not actively being used to distribute stuff or sell it.

    But you do you. I'll do me. But that is how delete when empty works. Because I wanted it that way

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