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    Unable to host a game


    Apologies, this is probably very basic but I don't seem to be able to host a campaign.

    I have purchased the ultimate license of FGU and my players have the demo.

    When I go to create a campaign I select 5e rules, give the campaign a title and leave everything else blank - I set it up as cloud and public

    When I select "start" - the campaign loads for me (I do nothing else) but my players have stated that the game does not show in the list

    Any ideas?

    Also - is there any way I can see if I am showing in the list myself rather than having to get a friend to look each time?

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    First, make sure your license key has been entered and registered correctly. You will know this is on the top right corner of your launch screen FGU will show "4.0.0 (date code) Ultimate". If it does not show "Ultimate" you license key has not been recognized and you will not be able to have others connect to you (networking is disabled in the demo/free mode).

    Second, your players will not see you in the game list until your campaign has completed loading. Make sure they wait until then to check the list. Second, if your cloud game is "Private" they won't see you and they need to type your username in the GM Name field.

    Yes you can see if you are in the lobby by starting a second instance of FGU.

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    You can start a second instance if FGU to look at the join screen. Make sure your players are looking for your forum username when they search the list.
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    Thanks guys, my game still wasn't showing in the list (even though it was public) but using the GM name worked :-)

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