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    Use power button issue with spell level 1 and above

    Hi all,
    I was tampering a bit with my character (PC) sheet and I noticed something is off.

    I'm using an extension (expended spell slot) which allow me to upscale the level of the spell while automatically ticking off the proper slot. To do that, I need to click on the use power button (the star on the left of the spell).

    However, while for cantrips this button is available, i don't see it for spells from level one and above.

    I have tried to create a PC in vanilla situation (5e, no extensions and modules loaded) but the problem is stille there (no use power for spell equal or above level 1).

    Attached you will find a screenshot.

    Any idea?

    Thanks a lot for your patience and availability!

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    You need to go into preparation mode (click Standard next to the mode button at the bottom left) and then tick the spells that the characters has prepared. When you then switch to Combat mode the button will be visible.
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    Many thanks Zacchaeus...another stark example of how ignorant I am about FG in general.

    Sorry to bother you all with this stupid questions.

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