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    Sindalian Harrier deckplans. Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 6.48.14 AM.png
    It's 1500 x 2675 px. 3MB.
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    Scout Courier with LOS and lights.

    Here's a Scout I made. I created all the assets except for the fuel which is Arkenforge. mapped/Created in Arkenforge. I exported the wall LOS directly from Arkenforge and added the doors and lights in FGU. My fiist attempt at uploading so hope it works. Also my first attempts at LOS and lights. Just place both files in your campaign images folder, create a new image in FGU, open assets and select images, open campaign folder (which should be there since you copied the 2 files to your images folder) and drag the scout1 image over info your newly created blank image and it should load it and the los/lights etc...
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    Thanks for sharing, the map is really great and the LoS is bonus!

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    Really nice! Thanks for sharing.

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    Working on converting my 10k ton Buffered planetoid ship from T20 to MGT2. Will make a nice base of operations for the players once they got a TON of cash. :-)
    Planetoid WIP.JPG

    Mostly finished. Created in Arkenforge but mostly with my assets. At 11.8 Megs its too large to upload. :-( I'll look at some other method of distribution.

    Now on Fantasy Grounds Forge ( for MGT2
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    Cool! Any chance that you post the images separately?

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    Yes. I'm still working on it and will probably post it as a module once finished.

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