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    Starship deck plans

    Thought I would start a thread for sharing Starship deck plans. Here is a Lab Ship created using Dungeondraft (star wars and gnome factory assets), the image is at 50 dpi, while the zip file contains the same image at 180 dpi.

    Lab ship 50 dpi.jpg

    Lab ship 180 ppi.zip
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    I added this thread to the community expansions listing.

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    oh cool, didnt see it -I'll check it out !

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    In my twisted way, the term "Starhip deck plans", brought up an image in my mind of PC's who spent
    way too many terms in Character Creation, then using walkers to move around the deck plan.
    One of the Critical Hits results in Hip Replacement, using the latest in 1105 Imp Star Hip Technology.

    So... what are movement rules for PCs and NPCs with Bad Hips using walkers....?
    Asking for some of the characters I have made over the years.


    Hey Old Guy... we need you to meander down the hall with your walker, drawing fire, evade if you can, but remember,
    ain't nobody going to go out there and pick your rear up...
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    Interesting topic ! Ironically I'm a physio so this is a good discussion. The aging rules in Traveller reduce your stats but not your movement speed, which stays at 6m. I think a painful arthritic hip would definitely reduce movement speed by 50-75% but once its been replaced it could be back up to full speed by 3-9 months.

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    Here is the deckplan for the shuttle found on page 192 of core rulebook.

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    02 TYPE S Scout Courier_Chance_post.jpg

    Type S - Scout/Courier Mid deck only. I hope this is not copyright infringement to share as it does use components from material I've bought and collaged together.

    [The Type-S in our game has had a J-3 drive installed [The Traveller's have been assembled as an adaptable rapid reaction team, troubleshooting for the IISS Spinward of the Great Rift] - the 12T cargo hold on the lower deck has been fitted with a demountable fuel tank restricting cargo capacity to 6T in the Utility compartment [and potentially +5T if the raft is left behind]. The 6T Utility compartment and 5T air raft dock could have been used instead, and the Cargo hold retained.]
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    These look pretty cool
    Nice Job!!!

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    I made some 2d deck plans for the Type-A2 Far Trader in the same color scheme as the book. These are based off the official deck plans available from Mongoose. Grid size is 72px

    A2 Far Trader, Lower Deck.png
    A2 Far Trader, Upper Deck.png

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