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    MGT2E Ruleset for FG turns a year old today!

    Afternoon All,

    It was a year ago today that SmiteWorks released the MGT2E ruleset for FG.

    It's been quite a ride!

    So in the first Calendar year you've been lucky (or unlucky enough) to have been given access to nearly 20 official products, plus some extensions and modules by other players.

    You've had 10 major updates to the ruleset plus a few minor/hotfix.

    And in the near future we'll have Spacecraft Combat and access to the High Guard book for details on dozens of extra Spacecraft.

    None of this would be possible without you, so I want to thank you all.

    I'm sorry that at times RL has got in the way and that you have to wait longer than I hoped for some things. I can't help that, but I think you'll agree that I do this in my spare time and so it's a decent amount of work, plus in the last 12 months I've also built the Vampire ruleset (with Luthbel), and been working on some more Call of Cthulhu products. Those will soon come to an end, as my focus will be on Traveller/2300AD and RuneQuest.

    Anyway, cheers to you all! And I hope you'll continue to travel the stars with me.


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    Congratulations on the millstone!

    I have to say the functionality of the ruleset is so much more sophisticated and advanced than when it first came out. I really appreciate all the hard work you put into it.

    Here's to more anniversaries!

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    congrats and keep up the good work mbm!

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    Thanks MBM.

    You're doing a great job. The more I use the ruleset the more I appreciate it. Don't neglect work life balance, games can wait when real life happens. Looking forwards to further developments.


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    Well done, MBM, well done!
    What a great ruleset, and it's still growing!

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    Happy Birthday for yesterday!
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