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    Ive sent BrotherKelly my updates earlier today.

    In graphics\graphics_frames.xml change this:

    	<framedef name="desktop">
    		<bitmap file="graphics/frames/desktop.jpg" />
    		<topleft rect="0,0,1450,1200" />
    		<top rect="1450,0,450,1200" />
    		<left rect="0,1200,1450,400" />
    		<middle rect="1450,1200,450,400" />
    to something like this:

    	<framedef name="desktop">
    		<bitmap file="graphics/frames/frame4.jpg" />
    		<middle rect="0,0,525,700" />

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    Another option would be to keep the original picture on the frame and change the values Damned suggested to:

    <middle rect="0,0,1200,1200" />

    This would then look like the attached file.
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    Thanks both of you

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    Another minor update to the extension.

    V1.3.5 can be found in Post #1.

    This update removes the need to have the MUSE V1.10 extension running. This provided the ability to set the grid scale on maps to anything the GM wanted. This feature is now pat of the FGU image editing facilities. Various updates to the rulesets in FGU have resulted in the MUSE extension not working correctly.

    The ATOW extension has been modified to get the grid scale data from the image and use it to calculate the range for the attack rolls.

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    Latest update to the extension.

    V1.3.6 can be found in Post #1.

    This covers adding new Dice Rolls for Mech Physical Attack damage and Mech Indirect Fire damage.

    I will be working on applying critical hit/fumble effects being applied automatically to the target for the next update.


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