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    Dice not matching Chat window result

    I've noticed this for about a month now. When my players roll, the dice show a different number than what is presented in the Chat window. The Chat window number is the number used. My players are not seeing this issue.

    When I roll my dice, they are correct. It's only my players dice that are incorrect.

    I'm on an iMac running Mojave if that matters.

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    We haven't seen this in our testing.

    Some questions:
    * Is it all dice from any of the players; or just certain players?
    * Does it happen on every roll?
    * What UI Scale are you running at? (100% is default unless you've changed it.)
    * What version are you and your players running? (The die model for d20 was changed not too long ago to be closer to physical die text mapping; so could be mismatched versions.)


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    It appears to be every player.
    It appears to happen on every roll.
    Running at 100%
    I'm on the most current version as of a couple days ago. I'll double check my players are also current and get back to you.

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    Do you run any extensions? In Discord someone had a display problem due to some extension for 5e (a rather common one it seemed, therefore I mention it)

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    I tried this in basic 5E ruleset with no extensions, and I don't see this using a Mac (Catalina) as the GM, and a Macbook (Mojave) as the player.

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