I understand the attraction of hiding rolls from players in other systems. After all, it's not uncommon and why the tower in FG exists in the first place, but Savage Worlds is one of those systems where I always roll in the open because there is a meta-currency involved. Players always have to have the necessary info to decide if they want to spend a benny or not. For an opposed roll where the GM is rolling first, they are setting the target number to beat. Keeping that secret from the player and asking them to decide whether or not they want to spend a benny on their roll is a **** move. As a player, I don't want to hear a GM say, "sorry, you roll wasn't high enough, should have spent a benny," anymore than I want to spend a benny on a roll where my 5 may have been good enough for fear that it might not be. The GM may as well just decide what outcome they want without requiring either side to roll in that case. I am a not an adversarial GM and it is not my job to "trick" players into spending bennies needlessly. In fact, I can't think of a single situation where hiding a roll would enhance the game, but maybe I just lack imagination. Would love to see some examples of how using the tower and hiding the shadow animation of acing dice would actually enhance the game.