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    d100 does not work correctly.

    FG2 v2.0.8. When you roll the percent dice (1d100) the number is wrong when you drag and drop the roll if the d10 number is 10.

    IE If the d100 roll is 40 + 10 with the two percentile dice - the drag and drop value will be 50. The only time the drag and drop number is correct is when the d10 is 10 is when the ten tens dice is 00 (ie 00 + 10 = 10).

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    I believe it has always been like this. It isn't a bug, it is just another way to interpret the die. It has been debated to death on this message board in the past. It is still a random number between 1 and 100

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    Actually, if the dice read 00+10, should that not be 100?

    I use the old school dice myself... LOL

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    But I'm learning!

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    Yeah, it is supposed to add up that way in actually (40, and the 10, being 50). to get a 1 would be 00 and 1, being 1, and it should be 90 and 10 to equal 100. That's how it was programmed into FG, even in the FG I days. Either way, you still get anywhere from 1 -100, just takes awhile to get used to the format FG uses (but once you get used to it, it makes sense. Just totally different from how we read the dice in real life)
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    Cuz for me too 00 + 10 meant 100.
    It actually reads 0 (00) + 0 = 100.

    The sequence would be:
    0 (00) + 0 = 100 (because 0 does not exist)
    0 (00) + 1 = 1
    0 (00) + 2 = 2
    0 (00) + 3 = 3
    1 (10) + 0 = 10
    1 (10) + 1 = 11
    1 (10) + 2 = 12
    8 (10) + 0 = 80
    8 (80) + 1 = 81
    9 (90) + 8 = 98
    9 (90) + 9 = 99
    0 (00) + 0 = 100
    The first and last line are the same.

    FG simply uses the 00 as what it is.... 0
    So the 0 from the digits die has to always be carried as a 10.
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    Actually, that is not the case: no d10 die roll results in zero. Normally, any d10 roll will generate in 1-10. The developers keep to this format and attempted to minimized the code necessary for d%. They could have written code they would yield the results we've usually expect but that would have entailed an enormous amout of effort and troubleshooting to just generate a number between 1 and 100.
    Humans are used to the (0) on a d10 to be read as 10, except in the case of d% when (0) is actually zero.
    In FG, multiple die that are rolled are added together. The devs don't change the value of a d10 or exclude the two dice rolls for d% from these rules. It is simpler to take one die roll, multiple it by 10, and add the results together. For any sum over 100, subtract that amount from the result. Very minimal code necessary to generate a number between 1-100. However, this does violate our expecations of the results:
    [all numbers in () are the actual # read on the die]
    Thus (10) + (1) is 11 but (10) + (0) is actually 20. (90) + (0) is 100. Furthermore, (00) + <any number> would total to 100+ but since you can't get that result, subtract 100. So (00) + (1) = [101 - 100] = 1. But, (00) + (0) is 10. [110 - 100].
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    Would just like to add my preference to this as well for 00=100, or at least an option for it to work that way so we have the choice. It's the way we work with real dice and it's a bit of a pain to have to switch modes for working with FG.

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    I suppose the easiest way would be to have an option to not display the sum of d%. Just show the two die rolls and list the modifiers, if any. Most of the time, this is what my DM wants anyway to ensure all modifiers have been included in the total.
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    I guess to me, it doesn't really matter. In an electronic format, as long as I know when I roll the dice the number is random between 1-100, and it's doing the math correctgly (based upon how we described FG doing it, not based upon our expectations), I can adjust to the way FG does it. a 90 and a 0 works easily for me to equal 100, since I know that a 0 on a d10 roll is equal to a 10 in NORMAL circumstances. Just like a 00 and a 0 works fine for me to be a roll of 10, since I know that the 0 on a d10 reprsents a 10 in reality. All I know is I'm shooting for a 90 and a 0 instead of triple 000's now. I don't find it all that difficult to make the switch, even after 10+ years of reading it the "normal" way.

    Now, if they were to change it, I'd be happy as well, but hey, whatever makes the dev's life easier. It's not so huge an issue to me.
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    I would agree with you except for one thing: Smiteworks whole philosophy is to mimic the tabletop experience. I don’t know anyone in a face to face game that reads the d100 the way FG is generating it now. Frankly, when I DM I just roll 2d10 for percents and read them left to right because it is faster than selecting a d100.

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