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    Bug Report - Scaled UI Causing Unfillable Forms


    So, I'd been experiencing some issues with FGU in regards to not being able fill out a password for my games, nor GM name, as well as not being able to type in the information for other games in the respective fields, and after some tinkering around as well as a setting reset or two, here's what I'd found:

    With the game on the default 100 UI scale, everything is perfectly functional, as least to my knowledge, testing things about and it's perfectly usable.
    Setting the UI scale to 80 causes the following forms to be completely unfillable: GM Name, Password, Join by GM Name, Join by IP and Port (IP Address and Port), however, changing the scale back to 100 after setting it to 80, returns the program to normal and all of the prior forms are functional once more.

    Mind you, I play on a scaled UI of 80, generally, so this is where I'd experienced the bug, I can't speak for any other scale though as I hadn't tested them.

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    I'm not seeing this. What OS are you using? And what are the other specs of the computer you are using?
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    I wasn't able to recreate on my Windows machine either. I did notice that the caret in the fields did not display at smaller scales; but it did not prevent text entry.


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    The OS I'm using is Windows 10, and as far as the other specs:
    Motherboard: ASUS x470 Prime Pro
    CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x
    RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum (32gb)
    GPU: MSI 1070ti
    Storage: Too many and so much to list, a total of 10tb, though FGU specifically is stored on a Samsung 860 EVO SSD

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    Are you able to type in the fields after you click inside them? (i.e. is the issue that you can't select/type in the field; or just that the caret is not visible.)


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    I'm unable to fill in the fields after attempting to click inside them, the caret isn't visible either, but it's entirely nonfunctional, at least on attempt after I've scaled the UI down.

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    Hmm, I've tried UI scales up and down the range on my Windows 10 machine; but haven't been able to recreate. We just need to find out what is unique about your setup (especially since I haven't heard any other reports of this issue from others).

    Are you running any overlays? (Steam, Windows GameBar, Epic, etc.)

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    WAGs: What about any Windows scaling, display scaling or application scaling (in the graphics driver properties)?

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    I apologize for the late response, however, I appear to have resolved the issue, though it did take a complete deletion and re-installation of FGU - perhaps a file hadn't properly downloaded the first time around? Nevertheless, thank you lot for the assistance!

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    Thanks for letting us know. Maybe you had multiple installations, or a stuck version for some other reason. At any rate, full steam ahead.


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