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    "Grim Hollow Campaign Setting" for FG?

    I've pledged to ghostfiregaming's kickstarter for their new 5E campaign setting at:

    Got my PDF at the day of release and binged on it. I was stunned. Such a great campaign setting... I'm still waiting for my hard cover, but I'll DEFINITELY run some games in it in the future. Have any of you guys checked it out? I'd love to see it converted to FG and would gladly pay again for it. Is there any preferred official channel/platform to reach Smiteworks to suggest a partnership?

    A little bit from the kickstarter: "Grim Hollow is a grim dark fantasy Tabletop Role Play setting for fifth edition of “The world’s Greatest Roleplaying Game”. Set in the dark, godless world of Etharis, civilization has long forgotten hope and now clings desperately for survival."
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    Generally its up to someone in the community to find out if the IP holder is interested in a conversion. Then Doug will help facilitate a community developer to do the conversion, if one is willing. If you are willing, let Doug know.

    So, my suggestion would be; can you reach out to Ghost Fire and see if the are interested? If so, then let [email protected] know and whom might be involved and how to get in touch with them.

    For more info, you can see this thread;

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    I kicked it and have used the feats and items. The backgrounds are proving much harder because you can't add to a background after creating the character but their system has backgrounds upgrade in 4 tiers.
    You can't automate the transformation choices, but it is easy enough to make them effects.
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    Did this progress any further?

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    Interesting, I was thinking about contacting them as well...

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    I contacted them via email. They replied that they are interested in partnering with Fantasy Grounds and are looking into it.

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    Can't wait to see it on FG. With the social distancing thing it would be awesome if they could get this project done soon... I really want to use some of their content in my FG groups...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigreid View Post
    I contacted them via email. They replied that they are interested in partnering with Fantasy Grounds and are looking into it.
    They told me the same recently. I really do hope they sign up with SW and get it converted over as well!!! Would be phenomenal!

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    Would love to see this as well, especially with the lighting changes we've seen recently. Would make a fantastic addition to FG. Would happily pay for this.

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