Hello all! My channel, which supports disabled and chronically ill gamers, has finally kicked off its VTT marathon week! I feel that online tabletop gaming is a fantastic opportunity for disabled and otherwise homebound gamers to both participate in our hobby and socialize with others of similar interests. I'll link a couple of the streams if you're interested, and there'll more all week. I'd like to thank SmiteWorks and many GM contributors for making this possible.

Want to contribute? I have empty some empty spaces to fill, and people are enjoying these streams! I won't have a Fantasy Grounds game on until next week, and I want to show it far more support, as SmiteWorks and Fantasy Grounds GMs were among my channel's earliest supporters in bringing VTT to the disabled and chronically ill! If a seat's available at your campaign's table for a good cause, even if I'd be joining in a bit late, please let me know!


Unity Ultimate, Classic Demo
Experience: I've been playing since I was a kid and happened across AD&D a the library, and now I'm very much not, but the hobby continues on and is now a part of my bringing good games to the disabled community!
Preferred Rules: AD&D 2E, D&D 3-3.5E, D&D 5E, other systems possible!
Times: Varying by day, in blocks of 1-5pm or 8pm-12am EST.
Seeking: Modules or campaigns to be streamed ongoing! Largely safe for work style swords and sorcery content (or equivalent for sci-fi, etc), fantasy violence expected. Joining a party late is acceptable if I start on equal footing in terms of level and gear.
Contact: Discord DMs strongly preferred, please! My user ID is Legacy Ark Games#0725