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    Bug when players reconnect

    First, let me start by saying, the disconnect issue is NOT Fantasy Grounds related. I have one player with internet that cuts out once in a while for 30 seconds or so at a time. Another player closed their laptop to change rooms, and the wireless turned off to save power. So we know what the issues causing the disconnects were.

    However, when the players reconnected, I was missing the information on their profile pictures. Below is a screenshot, you can see the two on the right have no icons for the Bennies, or their power and toughness. This happened before, and there was combat, their wounds weren't showing either. I have bennies and wounds showing to all players, they couldn't see them when the characters reconnected either.

    Using Savage Worlds Adventurers Edition (SWADE) and the latest build of FGU.

    Screenshot of what was happening.

    Fantasy Grounds 20-09-13 #R.png

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    I was just working on some reconnect code fixes when players Return to Launch screen and then connect to a session again. I just tested this scenario with the development version, and it seems to be working. Please let me know if this is an issue after the next FGU client update. (Probably early-mid next week.)


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    Thanks Moon Wizard! If anyone disconnects this next session, which is the 27th, I'll watch it.

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