Hey Everyone! Ever wanted to introduce someone new to AL/DnD or explain how it works?
Well, Fantasy Grounds is hosting a D&D Adventurers League Q&A and Gameplay Livestream Sat Sept 12th 3-6pm PDT. And, thanks to Kraken Dice, we’ll be giving away some beautiful dice to some lucky views of the stream!
Tune in and watch me run the classic DDEX 1-01 Defiance in Phlan with my good friends and talk with them about their experiences playing in Adventurers Leagues as organizers, DMs, and players.
Dice Giveaway (5 gifts total)
1) 1 Precision Aluminum Dice from Kraken
2) 1 Goliath Dice from Kraken
3) Three 14 piece resin Dice sets from Kraken

Hope to see you there!