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    No, we're still planning a invite-type beta...

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    And, btw, what is a UI refresh?

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    Examples (but not limited to):
    * Font Sizing
    * Color Balancing
    * Making things pixel-perfect (on screen alignments 'n such)

    Mechanically, STA is quite sound. Its just some of the visual elements needs some touchup.

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    Hey, anyone heard more on the star trek adventures rules set? Last I heard they were aiming for the end of July, which is tomorrow. Are we still waiting for a Beta Run?

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    Hi Guys...Looking for Updates if there are any. Thanks.

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    I tore down STA as it was the first 2d20 we did. Yes, it was functionally complete BEFORE Conan was released. As such, its also the oldest table we have. In light of the changes made to CoreRPG and the shift to FGU, I thought it best to just rebuild it fresh. I'm about 50-70% there. Then some scripting, then the core rulebook. I'll be running a game with it as soon as its ready. Its my plan to press Modiphius to let us go public with a beta at that time.

  7. #77 it sounds like that's months away. I was under the impression from Modiphius that they were shooting for the end of July. Is it really as far out as you say?

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    And it's not that I don't realize the work you guys have put into this. I'm totally sure you're under the gun on this and it is appreciated. I just keep trying to gauge when I can run my game with this product only to find I'm wildly off. Can we get a guestimate at this point? I would be grateful.

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