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    CoC 7e : please unlock reference tables to ease translation


    I'd like to translate CoC 7e content in french but some table are locked and it's not possible to change their content. It's the case for Occupations or Skill for instance. On the other hand there is no problem to unlock weapons or spell table to change their name.
    Would it be possible to allow unlocking of all content to customize it and ease a clean translation (i.e. without a mix of english an french content) ?


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    6E ruleset is a lot more malleable

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    Even if records were unlocked, "editing" of those records only occurs within a single campaign. You *never* edit the base data. So if you then opened the same module in another campaign it would be back to the base data.

    Make copies of the records you want to edit (drag/drop the record link within the campaign data list to create a copy), then edit that copy. You can then export the edited data records to a FG module for your own use in other campaigns.
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