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    Recently updated Server and can no longer load cloud server

    Hi, I recently ran an update for Fantasy Ground Unity and now it will not load my server. It simply sits and says it is Starting cloud server mode. I don't get any errors and have let it sit for a while with no success.

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    Can you open the console (upper left button in launch window); and click the Compile Logs button; and provide here?


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    It opens a zip file, how should I provide this information?

    Sorry, this is going to be the first problem I've faced so not sure how to trouble shoot via the form.

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    You can just attach the ZIP file to your forum post via the Go Advanced button at the bottom of your reply.


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    Perfect, thank you! Here are the files.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Thanks for the logs. I've also rolled back to the last build for now.


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    Thank you, I was able to get the server up. I appreciate the help!

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