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    How to Report Issues, Bugs, and Problems

    Welcome and sorry you are experiencing a challenge with Fantasy Grounds.

    For now, if you are have problems or questions regarding Fantasy Grounds Unity (i.e. version 4+), please see this post and then post any issues in the Fantasy Grounds Unity - Early Release forum

    To assist the community in getting you help as quickly as possible, please follow these steps;

    1. Please make sure your issue is not related to an extension or theme by reproducing the problem in a new campaign with no community extensions or themes selected. If it is related to a theme or extension, then please post the in the thread or page for that extension/theme.
    2. Verify you have updated to the latest version. Make sure the "Update" button on the launch screen is not red.
    3. Search the forums to see if someone else has already reported the issue. I prefer using the Site Search tool myself, but you can use other search or browse methods as well. If you find a thread with your issue, please add any additional useful information, you can see below the type of information that will help the developers.
    4. If you are having trouble with the user interface, getting things to work they way you think they should or otherwise figure out FGU, have you checked the FGC Wiki or the new FGU wiki?
    5. Did you read the stickies at the top of this forum? There are various things there that will help set your expectations and educate on common issues.
    6. Perhaps you have an enhancement idea? Great! So that ideas do not get lost in the flood of forum posts, please check the Official FG Wish List to see if your idea has already been suggested, and if not, then please add a new idea. And while your there, check out the other suggestions and and vote for those that you feel would be the most valuable.
    7. Now that you know you've identified a new issue...

    Please do the following;

    • Please title your post descriptively, this will help other find the issue and prevent duplicate threads.
    • Can you reproduce the issue? Such as after restarting your computer, in a new campaign?
    • Does it only happen in a specific ruleset (D&D 5E, CoreRPG, Pathfinder, etc)?
    • Have you verified that you have no community extension enabled? If it is related to a specific extension, let the extension developer know.

    Info to include in your post (when applicable);

    • Steps to reproduce the error
    • If related to updating, please include relevant section of the "FantasyGroundsUpdater.log" file found in your FG installation directory.
    • If you have a crash to desktop, you should attach a copy of the player.log along with your post. The can be found at in your FG installation directory, this is usually something like;
      C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\LocalLow\Fantasy Grounds\Player.log
      C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\LocalLow\SmiteWorks\Fa ntasy Grounds\Player.log
      Mac OS: ~/Library/Logs/SmiteWorks/Fantasy GroundsName/Player.log
    • Any relevant information from the "console.log" file found in your FG Data directory.
    • Operating system (Mac OS 10.15, Windows 10, etc)
    • Ruleset(s) you are experiencing the issue(s) in.
    • What modules do you have loaded? Are any of these DLC from sources other than the FGU updater? (i.e. manually migrated or 3rd party content)

    And to help make reports easier, here's a template/outline that you can copy/paste into your report (and change / add / remove sections not needed);




    Modules Loaded:

    Operating System:

    Steps to Reproduce:
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    Problems? See; How to Report Issues, Bugs & Problems
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