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    Closest Call In A TTRPG?

    What is your closest call in a TTRPG?

    That is, whats a memory you have where you, your party or an ally came so close to losing it all but be it through tactics, rolls, luck, or that one ability you had been saving that you recovered?

    For me, it was during a one-shot community game we did for Suzerain in the Wilderlands campaign. I was using one of our pre-made characters ‘Pretty Boy’ who was a great marksman but had his fair share of hindrances. While being attacked by huge monstrous wasps, one of my party members was close to pushing up the daisies. We kept missing and missing and missing and then boom, straight shot, aced and with a raise narrowly avoiding my teammate as he swatted away the wasps and I blasted those bugs. Perhaps not the end of the world scenario but it was a great experience after so many failures to then bring it all back around.

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