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    Companions 1 and 2

    I don't think the character classes in Companion 1 and 2 are part of the rule set. Has anyone created an extension to include them, as our campaign uses the evil characters in 1 and 2?


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    Hi Grimbold,

    It doesn't contain the professions from the companions. The Rolemaster Classic ruleset includes RMC Character Law, Arms Law, Spell Law and Creatures & Treasures. It would require a module to add them if you want to take advantage of the skill cost look up for the professions. If you don't mind doing that manually when adding a skill then you won't even need a module for it. The spell lists can be added directly in the ruleset. Please let me know if you want me to track down how to create a module for it.


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    Hi Dakadin

    Thanks for the email and the response on Discord as well - shotgun approach seems to work!

    We have not signed up for FG yet (still reviewing in demo mode), but if we do, your offer of tracking down a module would be great. It would be 4 classes from C1 and 10 from C2, so a module would make sense over manual import of skill costs. How easy is it to do? I have written a Rolemaster campaign module for MapTool, so I have some basic skill with programming etc.

    Thanks again


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    If you are comfortable editing XML then it shouldn't be too bad to do it. I would recommend watching WolfShield's excellent videos on the ruleset. They will give you a good idea what you can do with the ruleset in FG. They can be found here:

    I answered in both spots in case someone else has a similiar question.

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    Excellent - many thanks (from both boards )

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