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    Minor Suggestions:

    (1) Maintain a recent list of projects opened.
    (2) Remember the last folder a project was opened from.
    (3) On the project tab - have a generate to export directory option.

    As this is a powerful tool and a nightmare to review the variety of posts in a single thread - is there any opportunity that this program could have its own sub forum?
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    Ok, #1 and #2 added to wishlist, #3 is already included in next release.

    About a new sub forum, it is true that it would be useful, but it is not up to me.
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    I am wanting to create a few different inventory lists (not the inventories inherent in CoreRPG, but a simple list with text boxes and numberboxes for weight) for armor, pack, purse, other, etc. And I would like to give the players the ability to "check" if a particular piece of equipment is "equipped" and therefore added to their current "Load." "Load" being the combined weight of items carried that determines encumbrance.

    Is the checkbox the easiest way to do this? How would I link a checkbox to a function?

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    In 5E it uses an Icon Cycler (Im pretty sure) but the method of checking would be the same.

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    Yes, you can use a checkbox for a simpler use.

    To link it to a function you can define the onValueChanged event for the checkbox and write your logic in it (e.g. call a function to calculate the current load)
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